What are memeorandum's top 100 sources?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 3:31AM ET
by Gabe Rivera     Permalink

The ascent of blogs and other independent publishers has expanded and revitalized political dialogue in the United Status. While the "mainstream" media remains the primary source of factual reporting, they no longer own the agenda. It follows then that tapping a diversity of media sites is essential to produce memeorandum's autosummaries of the web's most buzzed-about political items.

What exactly are these sources? The memeorandum Leaderboard, launched today, identifies 100 of them, ranking sources simply by how much they've appeared on memeorandum in the past month. It updates every 20 minutes and offers archives of past days. This follows the introduction of a similar list for Techmeme ennumerating leaders in tech reporting.

The memeorandum Leaderboard doesn't tell the whole story of course. For instance, influential curators of opinion like don't figure highly given memeorandum's preference for longer articles. Yet it remains a handy portal to many of the sources with the greatest role in framing and shaping the national debate.

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