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Tuesday, March 6, 2018 1:01PM ET
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Today, we're introducing a daily podcast, Techmeme's first ever. It's called the Techmeme Ride Home, and publishes around 5pm Eastern Monday through Friday. In each episode, host Brian McCullough will run through the day's biggest tech stories in 15-20 minutes.

What's the new concept here? You might say it's Techmeme in podcast form:

1. We quickly relate the top stories.
2. We mention the publications we're drawing from.
3. We'll capture the commentary around the news. Yes, we'll even read select tweets!
So it's very much our flavor of tech news aggregation in a podcast.

Why should you listen to the Techmeme Ride Home? While several great tech podcasts discuss stories of the week, go deep on perennial topics like Apple, or focus on interviews, we need a podcast to relate the daily developments of an industry relentlessly expanding in size and importance. And even if you're an active Techmeme reader, the host's focus on news angles and internet commentary makes for a very additive experience to the news you're already seeing.

Speaking of which, who is Brian McCullough? He's racked up a ton of podcasting experience interviewing hundreds of web pioneers for the Internet History Podcast, a foundation for his upcoming book. I've been a fan for years.

So be sure to subscribe now. That way you'll get today's episode when it lands at 5pm Eastern, and also you'll be able to hear yesterday's episode right away for a sample of what's to come. Of course you can find us on iTunes and in players like Overcast. There's also this good old-fashioned RSS feed.

Finally, if you have questions, or think you might want to advertise, you can reach out at .

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