Time-lapse Techmeme!

Sunday, January 6, 2008 3:47AM ET
by Gabe Rivera     Permalink

Along with surfacing stories and putting them in context, one of Techmeme's chief functions is providing a kind of visualization for news. Headline size, cluster size, and "Discussion" length all signal the structure of the buzz surrounding a story.

I've always wanted to make a cool, time-lapse view of Techmeme to take this to the next level. So I was very happy to find Amit Agarwal arrive at the idea, and most importantly, pull it off.

Fifty hours in the recent life of Techmeme unfold in a mere 50 seconds in the video available at this link. It's also embedded below, but a little hard to read due to compression, so use the previous link if you're on broadband.

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