Why Techmeme's calendar is now listing even more events

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 1:49PM ET
by Gabe Rivera (@gaberivera)     Permalink

Nearly two years ago, Techmeme began listing technology events, both on its front page, which showed events expected to result in news on Techmeme, and a dedicated events page which showed the same list, but projected several more months into the future.

Today, we're shaking things up a bit by relaxing our inclusion criteria for the dedicated events page. Now we'll include most technology events there, even if we don't expect them to produce Techmeme headlines, provided they're still national or international in scope (e.g. events people fly to), and can accommodate hundreds of attendees. Meanwhile, the criteria for events on our front page will not change: events shown there still should produce news that makes Techmeme.

Why are we doing this now? It seems that the growth in the number of conferences that don't produce Techmeme headlines is outpacing the growth in conferences that do. Though we could have continued ignoring that first group, many such events are still of considerable interest to the industry leaders that make up our readers. So we've decided to begin recognizing them, and better position ourselves as technology's most useful event calendar.

How can you list your event? Send over your event details to , and we'll place (or decline to place) your event accordingly. Meanwhile, to list your event sooner on our front page, or highlighted in yellow, paid options are available. Paying to feature your event on Techmeme not only increases its prominence to Techmeme's readers, but also supports the people who make Techmeme possible. For more information, just email .

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