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Thursday, May 24, 2018 1:11PM ET
by Gabe Rivera (@gaberivera)     Permalink

Today we're launching Techmeme's first newsletter. Sign up here! It goes out Sunday through Friday around 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern and, like, summarizes the day's top tech news and commentary with an assortment of detailed headlines and links. But unlike Techmeme's website, it presents a simplified interface, offers an even more refined selection of tweets and Facebook posts, and organizes news by topic categories.

What does Techmeme's daily newsletter include?

- It begins with a rundown of tomorrow's events, including conferences and corporate earnings reports, pulled from the top of Techmeme's extremely useful event calendar.

- A "Top News" section then highlights the very biggest stories of the day, along with a short selection of commentary from Twitter and/or Facebook.

- News stories grouped by topic categories follow, like Funding Deals, Blockchain, or Infosec.

- A "More News" section then lists the rest of the day's stories of note.

Why does the universe need another tech newsletter?

While Techmeme's balance of breadth and brevity offers a unique lens on the news that tech industry readers have long found valuable, Techmeme's website hasn't served readers who live in their inbox. Obviously Techmeme's new newsletter can now serve these readers, but what isn't as clear is that it can even serve daily readers of the site in a key way. Why? Because visitors to Techmeme's website will miss out on news if they visit only once daily, given that news can fall off the page in fewer than 20 hours. Subscribing to Techmeme's newsletter will give these readers a convenient format for not missing a big story.

Another reason: as more specialized industry-oriented newsletters have grown in importance, the bigger-picture context that a Techmeme newsletter can provide is now vital. For instance, if you work in VC and find Dan Primack's newsletter essential for tracking which companies have raised capital, Techmeme's newsletter helps to flesh out the world in which those ventures need to compete. Or if you value the strategic insights Ben Thompson's newsletter offers, Techmeme's headlines provide the tick-tock account of the industry changes underpinning those insights. And if you read Casey Newton's newsletter for updates on how social networks are colliding with culture and governments, Techmeme's newsletter will help you see the ways social networks relate to rest of the industry.

More ways to get Techmeme

With this newsletter (sign up here!), Techmeme is now available on an ever broader variety of platforms. Most recently, we introduced The Techmeme Ride Home podcast. You can get every Techmeme headline in full in real time via our main Twitter account and every commentary tweet we include via our @TechmemeChatter account. Techmeme is also available on Facebook, and you can even get Alexa to read you Techmeme's top seven headlines.

Questions? Comments? Want to sponsor?

If you're interested in sponsoring, reach out at . Meanwhile, for general newsletter questions or comments, email .

And if you've waited until the end of this post to subscribe, that's fine, but it's now time to do the right thing and sign up here! Thank you!

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