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Thursday, April 28, 2011 2:54PM ET
by Gabe Rivera (@gaberivera)     Permalink

As you might have noticed, a hiring boom is underway in tech, leading to ballooning salaries, aggressive recruiting tactics, and finally, billboards. [1, 2] Yes, billboards along Bay Area highways now pitch jobs to the small fraction of drivers who actually work in tech and read billboards.

Naturally, we think Techmeme is a better place for companies to reach out to a smart and well-informed tech-focused audience, and today are introducing a "Who's Hiring in Tech?" section to promote recruiting efforts at the most innovative tech companies. Each link here goes to the destination best suited to discover jobs at the respective company: the company's own jobs page.

We expect that Techmeme readers who are inclined to upgrade their jobs, or ready to embark on a career in tech, will take this jobs section as an extra nudge to explore options available at the featured companies, and a reminder that all of the great companies listed are aggressively hiring.

And for recruiters, we're happy to offer a marketing venue that's more targeted, and far cheaper, than a billboard along Route 101.

Companies interested in appearing should contact Thank you!

Update: Techmeme remains one of the very few news sites whose advertising inspires news reports at fellow news sites (TechCrunch, eWEEK, WebProNews).

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