No more blind refreshes: Techmeme now alerts you to new headlines

Thursday, December 6, 2012 4:20PM ET
by Gabe Rivera (@gaberivera)     Permalink

Are you the kind of Techmeme reader who reloads all day to check for new headlines? Well, we have good news: you can stop refreshing blindly, because Techmeme now automatically reports when there are new headlines, displaying the total number available as shown here. This is similar to what you've experienced if you use Twitter's web site.

Because it now alerts you to new stories, Techmeme will no longer auto-refresh every half hour. This also means the raw number of page views we serve will take a hit. But since our awesome sponsors want to reach all of our visitors, not merely a fixed number of "impressions" (a generally bogus if lingering industry practice), they won't mind. This is a win for all of Techmeme's readers, and we're happy to finally switch it on.

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