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Monday, April 25, 2016 4:10PM ET
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As tech news events and industry conferences proliferate, Techmeme's events calendar has become an ever more vital resource for all sorts of technology professionals. Previously available only on the web, it's now available in iCalendar format, letting you automatically keep your Google, Apple,, or Yahoo calendar in sync. Moreover, any calendar software that lets you subscribe via iCalendar URLs should be compatible.

It bears explaining that Techmeme actually offers two calendars. There's the "newsy" events list shown on our front page. These are the events we expect to produce news on Techmeme. And then there's the complete list that includes many of the bigger industry events that are national or international in scope. Naturally, it contains all the events in the newsy list, and many more. We offer iCalendar URLs for both the newsy and the complete calendar, letting you subscribe to whichever based on how many events you desire.

How to add Techmeme's events to your calendar

To keep your calendar in sync with Techmeme's events, first copy one of these two URLs: (for newsy events) (for all events)

Then add depending on your calendar. Some popular ones:

  • Google Calendar: find "Other calendars" on the left and click the arrow button to the right, click "Add by URL", paste URL into the "URL" box, then click "Add Calendar".
  • Apple Calendar: click "File" menu, click "New Calendar Subscription…", paste URL in "Calendar URL" box, click "Subscribe", change "Auto-refresh" to "Every day", click "OK".
  • calendar: click "Import" along the top, click "Subscribe" on the left, paste URL into the "Calendar URL" box, enter "Techmeme events" in "Calendar name" box, click "Subscribe".
  • Yahoo Calendar: find "Actions" menu just above your calendar, click "Follow Other Calendars", enter "Techmeme events" in the top box, paste URL into "iCal Address" box, click "Continue".

What will Techmeme's events look like in my calendar?

Techmeme represents events as all-day events in the iCalendar format we publish. So a one-day event from 9am-5pm will be represented as an all-day event, and a three-day conference will be represented as an event spanning three full days. Although all-day events lack hourly precision, most people will appreciate this choice, as it keeps Techmeme's events nicely corralled in the all-day event area hovering above your daily schedule and not competing visually with your personal calendar events.

But there is one small gotcha: because events are listed by the date in the time zone in which they're held, confusion can result for users in the Americas referring to events in Asia-Pacific time zones, and vice versa. For example, if you live in the U.S. and it's the 24th there, an event listed as taking place on the 24th in Sydney actually occurred the day before. Likewise, if you live in Hong Kong and it's the 12th, a California-based event listed for the 12th won't happen until the following day for you. So be advised if you're keeping close watch on events happening on the other side of the international date line.

Interested in adding your event to Techmeme's calendar?

If our calendar is missing a major tech event, please let us know at . There's no cost to add an event to our complete list, and our criteria for inclusion is broad. (Still, we rarely include regional or evening events, or pages that merely announce a date.) If you want your event to appear on Techmeme's front page, we offer paid options. Paid events will appear both among the newsy events on our front page and in our complete calendar, and will sync with subscribers' calendars via the corresponding iCalendar formats.

What else can I promote on Techmeme?

Companies can promote blog posts and other announcements among our Sponsor Posts and can promote their job opening by listing in our "Who's Hiring" area. For more information, refer to this page, or email .

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