Techmeme's tweets now more useful: contain direct links and author IDs

Monday, August 23, 2010 3:07PM ET
by Gabe Rivera     Permalink

If you've seen our Twitter feeds but don't yet follow them, have another look! We've improved @Techmeme and @TechmemeFH in two ways:
1. We refer to authors using their Twitter IDs. This lets you easily see what the people whose work appears on Techmeme are saying right now.
2. Starting today, we now link directly to news articles, not just to their Techmeme permalinks. As shown in the diagram below, the first link lets you read the news, while the second lets you track the reactions on Techmeme. This does mean we'll need to chop more titles to keep tweets under 140 chars but we now think the benefit of direct links outweighs this drawback.

Note that all of these changes are live on @mediagazer as well.

Reminder: unlike @Techmeme, which includes only the most-discussed 20-30 headlines on weekdays, @TechmemeFH shows every top level headline making the site, 60-70 headlines on weekdays. So if you want more news, faster, choose @TechmemeFH over @Techmeme.

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