Dive deeper into Techmeme's top sources and introducing the Mediagazer Leaderboard

Monday, May 17, 2010 2:48PM ET
by Gabe Rivera     Permalink

For over two years, Techmeme's Leaderboard has ranked the sources making headlines on Techmeme most frequently over the past month. While the Leaderboard has represented different things to different people (including from day one, the death of blogging), it's primarily a tool: a great place to discover and review leaders in tech reporting and analysis.

Today, we're expanding its utility by linking the Leaderboard with Techmeme Search. Click on the "Archives" link beside a source's name (see red arrow in illustration) and you'll get a reverse chronological list of the source's recent posts on Techmeme. It's a small change, but combined with source RSS feeds and a machine-readable version (this OPML file), these new links make the Leaderboard much more than just a simple ranked list.

Today we're also introducing the Mediagazer Leaderboard. Launched on March 8, Mediagazer covers the media business much like Techmeme aggregates what's happening in technology. You can read more on that list on Mediagazer's news blog in this post by Megan McCarthy.

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