Techmeme finally posts stories to its Facebook page

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 2:36PM ET
by Omer Horvitz (@omerhorvitz)     Permalink

You may not know this, but Techmeme's had a Facebook page since 2007. And it has garnered many "likes", including Mark Zuckerberg's. (You may have heard of him!) Unfortunately, and perversely, Techmeme never actually posted anything to this page during all those years.

Happily, this all changes today, as we've begun posting a selection of Techmeme stories to our Facebook page. Unlike our Twitter feed, our Facebook page won't include every headline we feature, just the biggest stories of the day, as they happen. So rest assured, Techmeme won't crowd out your other friends (or their babies!)

This will serve you in the following ways. (1.) "Like" our page, and Techmeme stories will appear right in your News Feed. (Go ahead, 'like' us right here: ). Thanks! (2.) "Like" individual stories that you care about, and Facebook may boost the story in your friends' News Feeds.

So we're hoping you find much to "like" here, except for the bad pun with which we now conclude this post.

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