Upgrade complete!

Posted Monday, September 12, 2005 8:50PM ET by Gabe Rivera     Permalink

This is easy to see from the memeorandum main page.

A bunch of new capabilities are on display, the rationale for which I wrote previously. Among them:

  • Multiple topic pages: the Politics page (the successor to the previous site) is now paired with a Tech page
  • Most-discussed blog posts are featured in the same manner as news articles, enabling discussion to form around them
  • Related items are grouped together
  • New sources (blogs, news, and more) are added in real time, automatically
  • Updated every 5 minutes, each update archived for posterity
  • Filtering of shallow one-liners

In the next post I'll offer tips for those who sense something is missing from the new site. And then I'll outline the goals for memeorandum.

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