Meet Techmeme's first sponsors

Monday, September 25, 2006 4:58AM ET
by Gabe Rivera     Permalink

Why not learn more about the excellent companies sponsoring Techmeme? All three are smart enough to offer a blog so be sure to subscribe if you want further updates.

oDesk (blog): oDesk enables buyers of services to hire, manage, and pay technology service providers from around the world. Buyers choose oDesk for top global talent, comprehensive management tools, and a flexible hourly payment model. Service Providers choose oDesk for challenging jobs and guaranteed payment. Every day, thousands of buyers and providers work together through oDesk - a unique company at the forefront of reinventing work. . More »

Socialtext (blog): Socialtext is the enterprise wiki trusted most by Global 2000 corporations. As the first wiki company, Socialtext is the leader in making web collaboration secure, scalable and easy to use. A Socialtext wiki is a secure, group-editable website. Instead of sending emails and attachments, Socialtext customers use private web pages to work together. Working in a Socialtext wiki allows everyone to work on the same page (literally) . More »

Wink (blog): Wink is a social search engine. We surface the search results that other people have found to be the best stuff for your questions. We have lots of simple ways to let you say what you think about the quality of results - from being able to re-rank search results, to bookmarking sites you want to remember and blocking results that aren't good. Wink's PeopleRank (tm) technology takes all this information and refines it to deliver the results that people think are the best. . More »

I'm happy to have all three appear on Techmeme to help kick this thing off. For more on Techmeme's new sponsorship model, please see my earlier post.

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