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Three new sponsors arrive on Techmeme today. The advent of RSS and podcasting presents new opportunities in search and communications, and all three sponsors have responded in uniquely innovative ways. Please visit their sites and be sure to subscribe for further updates:

edgeio (blog): edgeio wants to bring together, organize and distribute the worlds marketplaces. edgeio aggregates listings submitted by publishers (individuals, classifieds, professional listings from realtors, auto traders, job sites and ecommerce listings from the likes of Amazon and EBay). It then makes these listings available to distribution partners to create marketplaces alongside and within their content. edgeio also has self-service tools for the creation or marketplaces on your site (job boards for example). The name edgeio is intended to convey a platform that brings listings in from the edge of the network and allows listings to be distributed out to the edge of the network (edge io).

Channels 9 and 10 are media blogs brought to you by the Evangelism team at Microsoft. Channel 9 is a Developer community that features interviews with the people behind Microsoft Products and Technologies, a wiki and an active general discussion forum. Channel 10 is a community for the Technology Enthusiast that in addition to highlighting relevant Microsoft Products and Technologies profiles those people who are using technology to change our world. is a network of audio and video podcast channels covering technology and its impact on business, entertainment, media, and culture. Daily content uncovers the predictions and trends with the people who study and shape them. PodTech speaks to digitally savvy audiences, from early adopter tech influencers to leaders across a range of niche technology sectors.

A few notes about the month ahead:   First, Techmeme will feature two of the Microsoft Evangelism team's sites (noted above). The one that appears at any given time will rotate between those two sources.

Second, I expect to continue experimenting with additional placement of sponsors' posts in the left column. The idea is to give extra visibility to recent posts. The posts will appear over a darkened background, labelled as "Recent Sponsor Posts". Of course any sponsor posts featured without such marking have attained that position through the usual ("organic") process. Organic placement of sponsor posts has happened on a couple occasions, most recently here.

I'm very grateful for this support and look forward to featuring their posts in the coming month.

For more on Techmeme's sponsorship model, please see my earlier post.

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