Channels 9&10, Zoho, and thank you!

Monday, March 19, 2007 4:19AM ET
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I want to acknowledge Techmeme's sponsors for March. As their support for Techmeme continues for another month, their blogging/vlogging and product offerings continue to improve. Please take a closer look at what they've been up to if you haven't already:

Channels 9 and 10 are media blogs brought to you by the Evangelism team at Microsoft. Channel 9 is a Developer community that features interviews with the people behind Microsoft Products and Technologies, a wiki and an active general discussion forum. Channel 10 is a community for the Technology Enthusiast that in addition to highlighting relevant Microsoft Products and Technologies profiles those people who are using technology to change our world.

Zoho (Blog): Zoho does online office. Zoho offers a wide range of online office and productivity applications ranging from word processors, spreadsheets, presentation apps to CRM, project management, wikis and more. Zoho aims to provide an affordable suite of online applications. is a network of audio and video podcast channels covering technology and its impact on business, entertainment, media, and culture. Daily content uncovers the predictions and trends with the people who study and shape them. PodTech speaks to digitally savvy audiences, from early adopter tech influencers to leaders across a range of niche technology sectors.

For more on Techmeme's sponsorship program, please see my earlier post.

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