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Want to know what's new in the world of tech? You could visit one of the big news sites or blogs. Or you could go right to the site that reporters and bloggers check obsessively throughout the day.
Time , from "The 50 Best Websites of 2011"   (8/16/11)

Gotta say, I do love techmeme…
Kevin Rose, Founder, and Milk Inc   (3/19/11)

Techmeme … offers a well curated aggregation of some of the best industry coverage the Web has to offer.PC Magazine, in "The Top 100 Web Sites of 2010"   (8/16/10)

One of the first Web sites loaded on Silicon Valley's laptops and iPhones each morning - and then again and again throughout the day - is Techmeme.
Claire Cain Miller, New York Times   (7/12/10)

Techmeme-the single best site for tech news…Harry McCracken, Technologizer and former PC World Editor in Chief   (7/12/10)

TechMeme is another service that has been on the list all five years. It is the definitive news aggregator for technology news, and a huge asset to our community.
Michael Arrington, TechCrunch in "2010: My Fifth Annual List Of The Tech Products I Love And Use Every Day"   (1/1/10)

The 100 essential websites … Techmeme
The Guardian   (12/9/09)

One of my favorite sites is Techmeme...
David F. Gallagher, New York Times technology editor   (9/28/09)

… people will keep relying on Techmeme as not just a source of news links but as the agenda setter.
Rafe Needleman, CNET News   (3/11/09)

Many of us in the tech community know and love Techmeme, a tech news aggregation site. For finding the newest tech stories that people are writing about, there's simply nothing better
VentureBeat   (11/28/08)

Rivera's Techmeme has fast become the tech news source of record…
BusinessWeek , from "The 25 Most Influential People on the Web"   (9/29/08)

My desert island RSS feed would be Techmeme, which is a pretty good way to get a bird's eye view of what's going on in the tech sphere.
Ryan Block, Former Engadget Editor-in-Chief   (6/5/08)

Techmeme is well known amongst tech bloggers and readers, quite simply because it's second to none in keeping up with tech news.
Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb   (12/26/07)

TechMeme is brilliant.
Jason Calacanis, founder, Mahalo; cofounder, Weblogs, Inc.   (10/10/07)

… Techmeme, the best aggregator of technology news …
Nick Denton, Founder and Publisher, Gawker Media   (6/5/07)

Let's just say that TechMeme is one of the first sites I check in the morning when I get up — and I keep checking it all day until I go to bed.
Pete Rojas, Engadget and Gizmodo Founding Editor (in remarks to Beet.TV)   (5/13/07)

… the technology underlying Techmeme — and sister sites WeSmirch, Memeorandum, and Ballbug — may prove to be the most powerful way to harness the blogosphere's investigative power.
PC World, from "The 50 Most Important People on the Web"   (3/5/07)

Over the past decade, I've seen a lot of search tools that were supposed to transform my life. Few of them have. But Techmeme was one of those.
Danny Sullivan, founder and editor, Search Engine Land   (1/17/07)

Techmeme … continues to draw me in many times a day because of the quality of the stories or posts and the associated links to other blogs.
Rob Hof, BusinessWeek   (11/26/06)

Look no further than memeorandum, the site that aggregates the hottest topics on the Web each day.
Vaughn Ververs, CBS News   (8/12/06)

… a good news filter can help you zero in on the news you care about. … Techmeme is among the best of these services.
Ryan Singel, PC World   (6/23/06)

Memeorandum is what Google News should've been.
Doc Searls, protoblogger & Cluetrain Manifesto coauthor   (2/4/06)

Amongst Memetrackers, Memeorandum is Money … a simple, easy to comprehend, user experience.
Om Malik, GigaOM   (2/3/06)


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